About Me


My name is Nicole Lindsay. I am a nineteen- year old living in Fairbanks, Alaska where I study, work, play, and sleep. I am a student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This year I am a sophomore and majoring in Psychology with a minor in Justice. My passions include traveling, crafting, and food. I also enjoy art, tea, video games, and movies.


Louvre (Museum), Paris-France

This blog is an expression of my appreciation of art, theater, music, architecture. My appreciation for art began when I had the chance of a lifetime to travel to Europe. During my travels, I was exposed to different forms/styles of art. Museums played a part in developing my interest in architecture. The Louvre had the most impact in my life when it had exposed me to different forms of architecture and art that I had never seen before which formed my passion for art today.

Before my travels to Europe, I had participated in the music and theater department at my school. I joined the choir, this experience opened my eyes to different music genres allowing me to appreciate music from different cultures. My personal theater experience included me working as a stage crew member. While I didn’t act in these performances, it gave me another insight on what it takes to produce a show. In college, I do not participate in theater or music productions nor do I enroll in an art or architecture course. However, I have learned to appreciate art from a different perspective.


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